Our current offerings include high-fashion gowns and ready-to-wear dresses.

Surrounded by color, paint, and fabric growing up, Ruby was inspired by her maternal grandfather, a landscape painter. Her maternal aunt, a talented seamstress in the 1950s, was also a mentor who guided and encouraged a young Ruby to see possibility and hone her craft. After seven successful years in the fashion industry, Ruby's recent move to Canada has had a strong impact on her creative output and on her desire to launch her Mimiela brand.



Mimiela Designer Ruby Denis
“I believe we are all goddesses in our own divine world.”


Our creative director Ruby Denis brings a dynamic story from Mexico as an established designer and artist. From that background, Ruby brings bold yet elegant lines and traditional yet forward-looking personal expression in fashion, she has brought these elements to her vision.

Our designs draw from our creator's dreams and personal experiences while pulling from popular culture. Ruby is keenly in touch with the feminine figure, constantly creating to complement what is forever there; your inner goddess!